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SYSTEM FOR ELECTRONIC ENQUIRIES TO THE DATA SOURCES WHERE SYNCHRONOUS ACCESS IS NOT POSSIBLE Basic characteristics of the common building block ASYNCHRONOUS MODULE: • all enquiries are collected in a special protected "waiting room" for each data source data source processes the enquiries in the backoffice, returns the answers into the "waiting room" • support for single data sources and also data sources groups (wait for the answers of all group members, e.g. banks) • answering can be automatized (fetching the enquiries from the waiting room, processing, returning the answers) or manual (using the special GUI) • answers can be electronically signed and time-stamped • the data are stored only temporarily until the enquiring system (e.g. Tray) receives them, afterwards only the traffic metadata are kept in the logs • extremely flexible, simple adding of a new data source or a new data sources group, simple adding of a new enquiring system • equipped with special functionality Supervisory module, for managing the data sources and the enquiries • two-level system of alerts in the case of delays with answers The Asynchronous module system is a solution used by the Slovenian public administration. For this reason the documentation is currently only in the Slovenian language and the service available exclusively through the secured HKOM network of the Slovenian government. For more information regarding the solution, its good practices and the possibilities of reuse you may contact the publisher.

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Ministry of Public Administration of Republic of Slovenia
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