Technical Deliverables

This page contains the technical deliverables that have been created during the development of the project.

The activities included:

  • The development of software requirements for the specification of the eIDAS bridge, and the development of the solution components. The eIDAS bridge refers specifically to the component that will interconnect the SSI core solution to the eIDAS trust framework. Tasks included:
    • Document the technical specifications based on software requirements;
    • Implement the eIDAS Bridge;
    • Document the bridge API;
  • Deployment of the SSI framework, integration of the eIDAS bridge into the solution, and document the integration guidelines to support the different stakeholders in the integration of the solution in their applications. 

The following deliverables are avaliable for download at the bottom of the page, as well as a link to the solution page, where you can find the different software releases and access to the open source code repository of the project.

  • Use Cases and Technical Specifications
  • API Documentation
  • Integration Guidelines

Additional context information is also available in the eIDAS Bridge project flyer below, also available for download.

SSI eIDAS Bridge Flyer Page 1


SSI eIDAS Bridge Flyer Page 2