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This community brings together experts working with enterprise architecture for the production of official statistics in Europe. It fosters the exchange of good practices regarding building and implementing Enterprise Architecture (EA) for Statistical Organisations. 

Statistical enterprise architecture clarifies and supports business goals, aligns them to evolving business and user needs in the domain of statistics. SEA ensures that the IT strategy and tools support a common vision and needs, removing organisational silos. 

Working together on an enterprise architecture reference framework, we aim to build a systematic and coherent system for the production of government statistics in Europe, ultimately fulfilling the Vision of the European Statistical System which is to develop a System that: 

  • is guided by quality delivering coherent, relevant and reliable statistics; 
  • is proactively engaging users and meets their demands in a cost-efficient and responsive manner; 
  • is steered by efficiency through collaboration in sharing methods, tools, technological infrastructure; 
  • embraces opportunities provided by the digital transformation and harnesses new data sources to produce meaningful statistics; 
  • delivers useful and easy to understand information. 

As a Statistical Enterprise Architecture community, our objectives are to: 

  • achieve the goals of the Vision 2020; 
  • work on common projects and pool investments; and 
  • support delivery of generic and standardised capabilities for the European Statistical System. 

Our starting point is the Enterprise Architecture Reference Framework (EARF) developed as an aspect of the ESS Vision Implementation..  

The EARF is a set of tools to help project managers and IT architects who are involved in the conceptualisation and implementation of architectures supporting statistical production. It includes methods, models and standards.  

All of the tools are built on concepts and principles common to government statistics, such as the Generic Activity Model for Statistical Organisations (GAMSO), as well as the Common Statistical Production Architecture (CSPA), and the Generic Statistical Business Process Model (GSBPM). 

The EARF builds on the conceptual and global frameworks and aim to provide guidance on how to fill the gap between these concepts and actual implementation. 



For any questions or support on the use of the architecture framework (how to perform an alignment benchmarking) please contact ESTAT-EA@ec.europa.eu

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