EU: How skilled are Europeans in using computers and the Internet ?

Published on: 17/11/2007

One of the most remarkable developments over the past ten years has probablybeen the way in which the Internet – previously known only to a small circle ofscientists and university students – has infiltrated, and become an important partof, our everyday lives. The Internet is not only changing our way of communicating with friends, relatives and colleagues, but also our way of working and shopping. Many traditional services are slowly being replaced by their electronic or online counterparts: banking, ticket sales, travel and holiday information, contacts with public administration, etc.

This rapid growth faces a barrier, however; namely the capability of citizens or the labour force to understand and use the applications or, more generally, their ability to use Information and Communication Technologies.

This edition of Statistics in Focus explores the results of the 2005 Community survey on ICT usage in households and by individuals to gain insight into the current state of Europeans’ e-skills.

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