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Information System of Statistics and Reporting (ISSaR)

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Published on: 19/11/2009 Document Archived

On a national level, ISSaR works as a single reporting tool fulfilling all the requirements in the field of environmental statistics outputs (SOER, Statistical environmental yearbook, regional statistical environmental yearbooks and others). On the other hand, ISSaR acts as a single environmental information service provider - data and information are comfortably, presented to end users as soon as they are gained and verified by authorities (without any delays) on an appropriate level of aggregation.
Currently ISSaR is ready to give data access to the partners on a national and international level using general communication interface

Technology solution

Technology choice: Standards-based technology

Lessons learnt

  • Data stored in the thematic information systems should be integrated into the general platform where further efficient data mining, analysis and reporting could be made;
  • One of the essential parts of the system seems to be the Metadata System, which allows us to describe the data and the way in which it has been transformed from sources to thesystem, within the universal
  • All of the information gained, is on an appropriate level of aggregation, integrated into an indicator-related system for supporting decision-making processes;
  • It is built as a single bundle for communication and data sharing between CR and the EU or other countries.


Scope: Cross-border, National