About Eurotrace

The EUROTRACE software package is composed of two main software modules: a data editor (EUROTRACE Editor) and a data base management system (EUROTRACE DMBS). Each module is a separately installable program. This architecture gives users of the suite flexibility to install only required components, thus avoiding disk space usage and maintenance costs that would be associated with full installations on all work stations. Because of its modular design, the new EUROTRACE suite can complement software already available in a country.

Also, a specific module for the production of Indices (TIM) was developed but never used and tested by the users.

With EUROTRACE the user can automatically read several formats of electronic files, such as ASYCUDA (Automated SYstem for CUstoms DAta). ASYCUDA is a computerised customs management tool which covers most foreign trade procedures. The system handles manifests and customs declarations, accounting procedures, transit and suspense procedures. The ASYCUDA software is developed in Geneva by UNCTAD and is installed in customs administration offices of several countries

If the data are available on paper only, keying the data in is liable to additional errors. EUROTRACE provides a data entry editor that virtually validates data "on the fly", thus  eliminating any data entry errors.


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