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User Group meeting

User Group meeting

Published on: 28/06/2017

On 20-22 September 2017, a UNECE/Eurostat work session on Statistical Data Confidentiality is taking place in Skopje. See for more information on this work session.

We are planning a side meeting for the User Group sdcTools of one hour, following the first day of the work session. It will take place in the same building as the work session. We will discuss some statements/issues about the User Group, e.g., about future meetings and/or workshops.


You are all cordially invited to join the UNECE/Eurostat work session and in particular to participate in the side meeting, especially organised for the Useer Group sdcTools.


If you want to join the UNECE/Eurostat work session, you need to register as described in the information notices, available through the above mentioned link.

City/Location: Netherlands

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