JEcotrim Plugins for JDemetra+

Published on: 28/11/2018

JEcotrim can be defined simply as an update of Ecotrim v.1.01 developed for Windows and written by 2SDA (Statistical Studies and Data Analysis, Luxembourg) on behalf of Directorate B Economic Statistics and Economic and Monetary Convergence of Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Union. This new software comprises a lot of remarkable improvements and corrects important errors present in the Ecotrim v.1.01.
JEcotrim is easy to use and reasonably powerful, containing procedures based on temporal disaggregation, benchmarking, reconciliation of low frequency series and matrix balancing via complex mathematical and statistical methods. As mentioned, JEcotrim takes the form of a user-friendly interface allowing the management of the program facilities.

Since 2016 JEcotrim is not any more delivered as a stand-alone product but as a set of plugins which can be installed directly in JDemetra+. This eases usage of both tools as user needs only to have one application to run. Also JEcotrim can for example use additional data providers developed for newer version of JDemetra+.


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