JDemetra+ 1.3.1 1.3.1

9 years ago

This is the release 1.3.1 of JDemetra+.

You can find install instructions here:

Note that you don't need the sources to run the application.


Release notes:

Statistical Algorithms
ADDED Calendarization by state space forms (see Quenneville, Picard and Fortier, 2013, Applied Statistics, series C, 62 part 3, pp 371-399)
IMPROVED Better handling of unit roots in the sum of Arima models
IMPROVED Integration of the new routine for approximating a non decomposable model in Seats
IMPROVED File stream handling
IMPROVED Spreadsheet engine
IMPROVED Detection of date cells in Excel files
Graphical user interface
FIXED Invalid product version and copyright text in about box
FIXED Java 1.7.0_25 incompatibility
FIXED Series selection in GrowthChart
FIXED Observations positions in charts
FIXED Hidden observations labels in charts
ADDED Forecast rendering in charts
IMPROVED Colorschemes by adding colors to some chart areas
IMPROVED Chart rendering engine
FIXED Persistence of default data format
ADDED Notes in documents
IMPROVED Structure of source code