JDemetra+ 1.4.0 1.4.0

9 years ago

This is the release 1.4.0 of JDemetra+.

Java SE 7 is required to install and run JDemetra+ 1.4.0.

Note that you don't need the sources to run the application.



Statistical Algorithms
FIXED Seasonality tests for stationary information (residuals, irregular)
ADDED Tramo-Seats. Growth rates (partial)
ADDED Diagnostics for Seats
ADDED Terror-like module ("Check last")
ADDED Outliers detection module
ADDED Revision history (Demetra+ like)
ADDED Model stability (Demetra+ like)
IMPROVED Plug-in on benchmarking
ADDED Support of tsv files
IMPROVED Error reporting (cause)
ADDED Support of formulas in classic excel files
ADDED Generic Jdbc provider compatible with any Jdbc driver
FIXED Use of reserved keywords in table and column names
Graphical user interface
IMPROVED Using Netbeans Platform 7.4
ADDED Spreadsheet profiler
FIXED Exception dialog at launch under Java8
IMPROVED Html reporting
IMPROVED Error reporting (formating)
FIXED Invalid listing of tables (and views) in databases
ADDED Tool to manage Jdbc drivers and connections
ADDED Java 7 minimum requirement
ADDED SAS plug-in (additional module)