JDemetra+ 1.4.1

8 years ago

This is the release 1.4.1 of JDemetra+.

Java SE 7 and later versions are required to install and/or run JDemetra+ 1.4.1.

Note that you don't need the sources to run the application.


Download details:

Several packages are avalaible:

  • jdemetra-*.zip is an OS-independent archive

  • jdemetra-*-sources.zip is an archive that contains all the sources
  • jdemetra-*-windows.exe is a Windows installer
  • jdemetra-*-macosx.tgz is a Mac OS X installer
  • jdemetra-*-linux.sh is a Linux installer

Known issues:

Starting with Java SE 8, the JDBC-ODBC Bridge is no longer included with the JDK.

Therefore, the ODBC provider is disabled when running on this version. It is recommend to use a JDBC driver provided by the vendor of your database or a commercial JDBC Driver instead of the JDBC-ODBC Bridge.

Release notes:

Statistical Algorithms
FIXED Selection of series span
FIXED Error analysis in some special Arima models (TramoSeats)
ADDED Calendarization
ADDED Annual Chain-Linking of Quarterly Data (annual overlap, separate plug-in)
ADDED 3D chart component
FIXED Output dictionaries (for WEB services)
IMPROVED Memory usage in spreadsheets
MODIFIED Time series extremities are no more cleaned by default
ADDED Option to clean time series extremities in Txt and Spreadsheet providers
Graphical user interface
ADDED Precision-gradient-drawing option in MarginView
IMPROVED Matrix and summary views in SaBatchUI
FIXED Resizing of first column in JGrid
ADDED Clipboard-copy of tables
ADDED Clipboard-copy of MatrixView data
ADDED Drag&Drop of files from the provider tab
ADDED Colors, zooming and clipboard-copy to spreadsheet profiler
ADDED Double-click action on time series in JTsGrid and SaBatchUI
ADDED Last-year-edit option in JTsGrowthChart
ADDED Zoom in JTsGrid
IMPROVED Review of application settings (options, categories,…)
IMPROVED Global look&feel
FIXED Auto-completion flickering and multiple inserts when using ENTER key
FIXED Selection in charts
FIXED Desktop search when using restricted characters
ADDED Double-click on list selection popup
IMPROVED Dependencies by referencing the lastest versions
ADDED Light-weight RESTful WEB service (Demetra4Web)