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ADMS Application Profile for Joinup Switch to the latest release

9 years ago

The Asset Description Metadata Schema (ADMS) specification was originally drafted to describe semantic interoperability solutions (previously referred to as semantic assets). This application profile of ADMS aims to extend the use of ADMS for the description of other types of interoperability solutions, meaning solutions covering the political, legal, organisational and technical interoperability layers defined by the European Interoperability Framework.

ADMS version 2 is available here

Note: The ADMS-AP Importer of Joinup is not updated yet to import solutions described using ADMS-AP v2.0. Therefore, federated solutions need to be compliant with ADMS-AP v1.0 specifications.


Getting started

A good way to start with implementing ADMS is to describe one of your assets using the ADMS spreadsheet we have created for you. From this spreadsheet, it is possible to generate an ADMS-compliant RDF file.


Alternatively, you can start generating automatically ADMS-AP compliant RDF files. On this link, you can find a Python framework that contains the ADMS-AP classes and validator in order to create appropriate RDF files. 


Copyright © 2013 European Union. This vocabulary is published under the ISA Open Metadata Licence v1.1