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Published on: 06/06/2009 Document Archived
At the national level, the French administration established MDC as a workshop between ministries and governmental bodies to define semantic components for data exchanges within the French administration (civil status, justice, agriculture, etc.) and between the administration and its partners. The authority in charge is the General Directorate for State Modernisation (DGME) in the Ministry of Budget, Public Accounts and Public Service.
Most of these data exchanges are national, but in terms of interoperability, the workshop pays attention to the compliance with UN/CEFACT specifications in particular the UN/CEFACT Core Component Library (CCL).The workshop studies the CCL in relation with governmental data exchanges and builds a 'French' library of semantic components. The library contains the components of the CCL (both in English and translated into French) and components used in France and not yet in the CCL.
The national collaborative process (similar to standardisation) with involvement of the ministries in MDC improves the 'adoption' of the French library (therefore the CCL) as the reference library for governmental data exchanges. In terms of exchanges between governments or between government and business, these assets help to manage and to present the information in a consistent manner between information systems, regardless of technology application or platform.
The aim of this project is to identify, describe and represent common core components for the use in French public sector Enter French requirements towards the UN/CEFACT open development process.

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