ISWCProvTutorial (2012.11.11-15)

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Published on: 13/11/2012

Provenance (the origin or source) of information is critical in deciding whether information is to be trusted, how it should be integrated with other diverse information sources, and how to give credit to its originators when reusing it. In order to promote the widespread publication of provenance information on the Web, the W3C is producing the W3C PROV set of specifications. These specifications provide a basis for the common exchange of provenance information on the Web. This half­-day tutorial provides you with an in­ depth dive into these specifications including hands­ on information on how to publish, query and access provenance information. You will learn how to model your provenance data using the PROV data model and ontology, how to produce provenance information that enables integrity checking and inferences, as well as how to expose and acquire provenance information using PROV access mechanisms and services.

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