Launch of W3C Linked Data Pla…

Launch of W3C Linked Data Platform Working Group

Published on: 15/05/2012

The W3C just launched the new Linked Data Platform (LDP) Working Group to promote the use of linked data on the Web.

As described in their charter, the aim of the group, chaired by Arnaud Le Hors, is to use a core set of services and technologies to build powerful applications capable of integrating public data, secured enterprise data, and personal data. The platform will be based on proven Web technologies including HTTP for transport, and RDF and other Semantic Web standards for data integration and reuse.

The starting point for the LDP Working Group is the W3C Submission Linked Data Basic Profile 1.0. Based on this document and contributions from Working Group participants, the group is chartered to produce one or more W3C Recommendations that define a RESTful way to read and write Linked Data, suitable for use in application integration and the construction of interoperable and modular software systems. The group will also produce supporting materials, such as a description of uses cases, a list of requirements, and a test suite and/or validation tools to help ensure interoperability and correct implementation.

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