French Translation of the PM² Guide

The PM² Guide Is now Available to the French-Speaking Community

Published on: 17/12/2021
Last update: 10/01/2022

The Centre of Excellence in PM² (CoEPM²) is pleased to announce the release of the French version of the Project Management Methodology (PM²) Guide, which is now available to download from the EU Publications of the Publications Office. The translation of the guide is based on the latest English PM² guide version 3.0.1. 


This new translation was made possible thanks to the PM² community in a quest to make PM² available to a wider European audience, contributing to a more efficient managing of projects throughout the EU. This guide marks the third translation (Italian and Spanish are also available) of the full guide, the summary of which (Overview) is already available in 12 languages.

In the words of the translation team (acknowledgements within the Guide):

“The translation of the PM² guide into French answers a long-awaited request from EU institution colleagues (French being one of our official working languages) but also from many public administrations in France who are required to use French materials for their continuous professional trainings. Beyond Europe this will also help the project manager community in Africa who seek an open, proven project management methodology that would complement many of EU funded development programmes on the continent. Transposing the spirit and the letter of PM² into French was not easy though, as we have developed quite unique French terminology ("Maître d'œuvre..."). But thanks to an excellent cooperation with the French Ministry of Defense's training organization and volunteer professionals from the project management community, we were able to deliver a meaningful transcript of the PM² guide and we are now working on the set of PM² artefacts. So... restez à l'écoute! Vive PM²!”

The CoEPM² would like to thank the French team of volunteers who have used their extensive knowledge and experience in Project Management to translate the guide, keeping the guide’s original format and ensuring the right terminology for a French-speaking audience.

PM² is an easy to implement methodology suitable for any type of project. It has been custom developed to fit the specific needs, culture and constraints of EU Institutions, but also incorporates elements from globally accepted best practices, standards and methodologies.

PM², as an initiative, is (also) supported by Digital Europe Programme and is part of the of the European Interoperability Framework (EIF) Toolbox.

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Thu, 23/12/2021 - 12:50

Thanks for the good news. One more language is a step forward.

By the way, teher is a Portuguese translation available, for some time now.  

Anyone can find it HERE.


Is there a way for it to be publicly announced here?

Or, does it need to be published by the EU Publications, for that?