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Access to Base Registries

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Important components of European public services, “base registries” contain basic and reliable information on items such as persons, companies, vehicles, licences, buildings, locations and roads. Such registries are under the legal control of and maintained by individual public administrations. Cross-border cooperation between registries could considerably reduce the administrative burden for businesses and citizens alike and offer possible benefits in the areas of work, leisure ...

06 June 2017 | Europe
Themes: eGovernment, eServices for Business, eServices for Citizens, Internal market.
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Dear ABR Community,   On behalf of everis Brussels and the European Commission, we would like to thank you for your interest in our Webinar ‘Access to Base Registries’, which took place on...
26 April 2017 | Europe
Themes: eGovernment, European Communities.
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Dear Members of the ABR Community,   We would like to invite you for a 2 hour webinar on April 27 2017 at 10:30, on the ISA² action “Access to Base Registries”.   The objectives of the webinar...
31 March 2016 | Europe
Themes: eGovernment, Production, Technology and Research.
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Dear Member,   Today, we would like to ask you for support and participation on our current activities. We are studying the state of affairs on data sharing and access to base registries for all EU countries and...

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Created by Mario Cabellos | 16 March 2015
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This action sets out to assess the needs and requirements for a framework that will enable access to authentic data sources at Member State level.
Type: Community
Date of creation: 27 February 2015

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