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EULF Best Practice 29

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EULF Best Practice 29 - ISO Standard for Geographic Information – Data Quality (ISO-19157:2015)
Country: International
Policy domain: Supporting many different policy domains
Process owners: International Organization for Standardization
Short description: ISO 19157:2013 establishes the principles for describing the quality of geographic data. It:
  • defines components for describing data quality
  • specifies components and content structure of a register for data quality measures
  • describes general procedures for evaluating the quality of geographic data
  • establishes principles for reporting data quality

ISO 19157:2013 also defines a set of data quality measures for use in evaluating and reporting data quality. It is applicable to data producers providing quality information to describe and assess how well a data set conforms to its product specification and to data users attempting to determine whether or not specific geographic data are of sufficient quality for their particular application. ISO 19157:2013 does not attempt to define minimum acceptable levels of quality for geographic data.

Standardisation and Reuse (13);

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Publication date:
12 July 2017
Nature of documentation:
Technical report
License of document:
European Union Public Licence (EUPL)
Geographic coverage:
Ray Boguslawski, Ken Van Gansen, Clémentine Valayer, Francesco Pignatelli
Email contact:

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