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European Union Public Licence

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EUPL v1.2 becomes OSI approved

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On 13 July 2017, Richard Fontana (Open Source Initiative board) notified approval of the EUPL v.1.2: 
"The OSI has approved EUPL v1.2. It will be added to the public list of OSI-approved licenses in due course. As with EUPL 1.1, the approval extends to all the official language versions of the license."
"Approval" means that OSI has certified the licence as fully compliant with the Open Source Definition (OSD).
In addition to such compliance, and for avoiding excessive proliferation of recommended licences, OSI requests additional criteria like originality, uniqueness (a new licence should not duplicate an existing one), the support of a significant community or organisation, a real utility for the progress of open source.
Knowing that the EUPL v1.2 was published in the Official Journal on 19 May, the OSI certification in less than two months is extraordinarily fast. It is especially appreciated, coming from the most efficient and representative leading organisation of the open source movement. 


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