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European Union Public Licence

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The “European Union Public Licence” (EUPL) The EUPL is the first European Free/Open Source Software (F/OSS) licence. It has been created on the initiative of the European Commission. It is now approved by the European Commission in 22 official languages of the European Union.

  1. Text of the EUPL v1.1 (2009) OSI-certified version (in 22 languages)
  2. Draft EUPL v1.2 (public forum)
  3. EUPL Guidelines for users and developers (in 22 languages)
  4. EUPL compatible open source licenses
  5. Why the EUPL ?
  6. Impact of the EUPL
  7. FAQs on the EUPL and how to use it
  8. EUPL Community
  9. EUPL v1.1.txt (EN version)
  10. EUPL infographics (February 2016: one page reusable information)

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