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OPM² - Open Project Management Methodology

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About PM² and the Open PM² Initiative   PM² is a Project Management Methodology developed and supported by the European Commission. Its purpose is to enable project teams to manage their projects effectively and deliver solutions and benefits to their organisations and stakeholders. PM² is a light and easy to implement methodology suitable for any type of project. PM² has been custom developed to fit the specific needs, culture and constraints of EU ...

30 March 2017 | Europe
Themes: Internal market, International Relations, European Communities, Economics, Business and Competition, Education and Communications, International Organisations.
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Check out the following sections of the PM² Guide - Open Edition: 2.3.3 Competences of Project Managers 3.5 PM² Mindsets Appendix G.2 - Professional Virtues
21 February 2017 | Europe, Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Central and South America, Oceania, Other
Themes: Education, Science and Research, Internal market, Procurement, European Communities, Business and Competition, Education and Communications, Employment and Working Conditions, Industry, Science.
240 visits | Rating: 5/5
Only 2 months old and already the  PM² Methodology Guide  - Open Edition has made it to the Top 10 most downloaded publications of the EU Bookshop (January 2017)! The PM² Guide is currently at N...
09 February 2017 | Europe, Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Central and South America, North America, Oceania, Other
Themes: Communication (infrastructure), eServices for Citizens, European Communities, Education and Communications.
135 visits | Rating: 5/5
Read what people are saying about Open PM² on the Internet. There are some interesting comments.   Join the discussions - offer your insights and perspective!   Here are a few I've spotted so far:...
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