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Galicia recommends use of Open Document Format

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The government of Galicia recommends public administrations in the autonomous region to use the Open Document Format (ODF, ISO 26300) for editable electronic documents. "This will facilitate the re-use of documents and the creation of derivative works", the government writes in a guide published on 26 March, Document Freedom Day. Public administrations are also advised to make available its documents using a copyleft licence, in most cases CC-by-SA.

The guide 'Boas prácticas para a liberación de publicacións da Xunta de Galicia' (Guide to Good Practices for liberating documents of the government of Galicia) is written by Galicia's free software resource centre, the 'Oficina de Coordinación de Software Libre' (Ocfloss). The report, made available as ODT as well as PDF, is published using the CC-by-SA licence.

The guide contains many other recommendations, explaining public administrations how to correctly manage intellectual property rights in their documents, images and multimedia files. The report also instructs them what to do in case they create derivative works, for example when using texts from others or when translating information.

Not forbidden

Galician public administrations are encouraged to use ODF and PDF for editable and non-editable electronic documents, comments Juan Víctor Rodríguez Arós, who heads the Department for Technological Innovation, part of AMTEGA, the government's ICT agency. The policy started in 2011, when the government adopted its 201/2011 e-government decree. The decree stipulates that "all documents and e-government services will as a minimum be made available using open standards". Juan Rodríguez Arós: "The use of proprietary formats is not forbidden, but an open alternative should always be provided."

The ODF document format is commonly used, he says. The ICT department also checks that new content made available on the website of the regional government is made available in open formats. "Sharing of editable documents is slowly being replaced by e-government services. However, making documents available as ODF is a good practice."

Recommended solutions

Ocfloss' most recent guide points the region's public administrations to several free and open source solutions. LibreOffice, an open source suite of office productivity tools, "is the recommended office suite for editing text documents." Ocflos similarly commends the use of GIMP, an open source solution for manipulating images, Evince and Okular for viewing PDFs, and Calibre for managing electronic books (using the EPUB format).


More information:

Guia de Boas prácticas para a liberación de publicacións da Xunta de Galicia (in Galician).
Mancomun news item (in Galician)
Ocfloss (Oficina de Coordinación de Software Libre) (in Galician)
Decree 201/2011 (in Spanish)
Guide of file formats associated to the web contents of the Government of Galicia (pdf, in Galician)


Domenico Di Nolfo
Posted by Domenico Di Nolfo on April 16, 2014 at 13:10
Yet a recommendation which lets consider a mutation of accessibility that continues to spread in Europe.
Maria Font
Posted by Maria Font on April 16, 2014 at 12:03

I highly recommend this article. It is very interesting, specially the additional information.

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