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New version of ODF Toolkit released

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This week, a new version of the ODF Toolkit was released. The most notable change in version 0.6.2-incubating is the password encryption and encryption manifest handling in the underlying ODFDOM library.

The ODF Toolkit is a set of Java modules for direct programmatic creation, scanning and manipulation of documents in the XML-based Open Document Format (ODF). What differentiates this toolkit from other ODF libraries is that it is lightweight and targeted at server-side use. The project is sponsored by the Apache Incubator, a programme that serves as a gateway to bring open-source projects under the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) umbrella.

According to lead developer Svante Schubert, this release will be the last built on JDK 6. The upcoming release 0.7.0 will based on JDK 8.


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