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Trieste refurbishes PCs with free and open source

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The city of Trieste (Italy) is donating depreciated PC workstations to schools, public services and non-profit organisations. The workstations will be refurbished solely with free and open source software, the city administration announced.

The computers will be donated by city councillor Serena Tonel at the Trieste Mini Maker Faire on 16 and 17 September.

Organisations that are interested are invited to submit requests before 7 September. If the number of requests surpasses the available number of workstations, the city will prioritise projects in terms of their social impact, such as education, protection of the environment, and historical or cultural heritage.

Trieste is giving away workstations that can no longer be used by the city administration.

The Trieste Mini Maker Faire is organised by the International Centre for Theoretical Physics and the Trieste municipality. At the Faire, many Makers will showcase their creativity and ideas.

More information:

Announcement by the city of Trieste (in Italian)