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OSOR Case Studies

The goal of the Skolelinux project is to develop a Linux distribution for Norwegian schools. The Skolelinux distribution should be simple to install and maintain and it must be based on both standard Norwegian and New Norwegian and, as much as...

Case | Created by:Joinup Administrator | Created:15 Oct 2004 | Updated: 30 Sep 2015


In the year 2000 the municipality of IJsselstein had its first experiences with open source software. Back then, the newly appointed ICT manager Andries Broekema had been watching developments in the world of open source for several years, and he...

Case | Created by:Joinup Administrator | Created:06 Oct 2004 | Updated: 30 Sep 2015


This article describes the implementation of an information systems infrastructure using open source software (OSS) in a large Irish public sector organization, Beaumont Hospital. The study identifies the primary organizational drivers in Beaumont’s...

Case | Created by:Joinup Administrator | Created:30 Sep 2004 | Updated: 30 Sep 2015


After the success of open source software in the server market, the migration of the German Monopolies Commission to open source software has acted as a reference project for the use of open source software on client environments. In the following...

Case | Created by:Joinup Administrator | Created:21 Sep 2004 | Updated: 30 Sep 2015


Open Source is very attractive for organisations that want to provide cheap and stable communication services. As opposed to the desktop market, the infrastructure arena offers more possibilities for applications on Open Source platforms than for...

Case | Created by:Joinup Administrator | Created:09 Apr 2004 | Updated: 30 Sep 2015


In our modern western economies, most people have become used to being connected to the internet 24 hours a day. We browse, mail and chat wherever and whenever we want. The same thing holds for large organisations, which deploy their own intranets...

Case | Created by:Joinup Administrator | Created:01 Mar 2004 | Updated: 30 Sep 2015


Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) has become very popular in educational institutions for different reasons. Many schools cite the low cost of Linux as the primary motivation, but some also cite the need to teach the use of computers in...

Case | Created by:Joinup Administrator | Created:28 Jan 2004 | Updated: 30 Sep 2015


Late 2002 the German Bundeskartellamt migrated their entire back-office to Linux and other Open Source software. This move was coordinated by the Federal Government\'s anti-terrorism programme, initiated after the attack in the U.S. on 11th...

Case | Created by:Joinup Administrator | Created:07 Jan 2004 | Updated: 30 Sep 2015


In 2000 the Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute, KNMI, was confronted with expensive upgrades in its R&D; department. After a study and a pilot project, the organisation decided to switch to Linux on the desktop. This paper examines what was...

Case | Created by:Joinup Administrator | Created:18 Nov 2003 | Updated: 30 Sep 2015


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