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10 Rules for Persistent URIs

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The attached report documents a survey performed by ISA Action 1.1 on Semantic Interoperability in order to explore good practices on the publication of Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI), both in terms of format and of their design rules and management.

The survey studied approximately 15 cases, coming among others from EU agencies and services, EU Member States and standardization bodies and initiatives, where URI management and persistence have been subject to a policy (as opposed to merely ad-hoc design). 
The survey concludes with a distillation of the available information as a set of good practices that can and should be followed by publishers of URI sets. 
These are summarised in the figure below. 


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Publication date:
17 December 2012
Nature of documentation:
License of document:
ISA Open Metadata Licence v1.0
Geographic coverage:
Government Linked Data, linked data, uri
PwC EU Services
Marijke Salters
Posted by Marijke Salters on February 04, 2013 at 16:42

In the Netherlands we prepare a standard for the definition of a URI in relation to linked open data. We need these to get a better picture of the relations between our reusable data, such as person, adress, locations on a map etc. We take these 10 rules as a basis for definition.  Results should be published in April 2013

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