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Sharing and Reuse of IT solutions

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S&R Awards Contest

The aim of the European Commission's Sharing and Reuse Awards contest is to raise awareness about the benefits of sharing and reusing IT solutions in the public sector.

A total of €100,000 will be awarded to public administrations that have realised benefits from sharing IT solutions and whose solutions have a potential for wider reuse in Europe.

17 IT solutions shortlisted in the Sharing and Reuse Awards Contest

We are pleased to announce the first results of the Sharing and Reuse Awards Contest organised by the European Commission. In total, 118 applications were received, out of which 96 fulfilled the eligibility criteria. The Evaluation Committee (consisting of 4 subcommittees) shortlisted 17 best solutions in 4 categories. The submitted applications were evaluated on the solution design, governance, impact/result, extent of reuse, and sustainability.

The public announcement of the winners will take place during the Awards Ceremony at the Sharing & Reuse Conference on 29 March in Lisbon, Portugal. First and second prizes of €15 000 and €10 000 respectively will be awarded to the winning teams in each category. Solutions in third and fourth places will receive a certificate of excellence. All the public administrations whose solutions are shortlisted will be given an opportunity to present them at the conference. If you wish to learn more about the shortlisted solutions directly from their owners and users, you can meet them in person at the conference! Registrations are open until 22 March.

Shortlisted solutions by category, in alphabetical order:

Cross border category

Name of the solution Institution name Country Type of the solution
Citadel on the Move Issy Média France Open Source Software
gvSIG Generalitat Valenciana Spain Open Source Software
Oskari National Land Survey of Finland Finland Open Source software
Sentilo Institut Municipal d’Informàtica. Ajuntament de Barcelona Spain Open Source Software

National category

Name of the solution Institution name Country Type of the solution
AERIUS National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) The Netherlands Open Source Software
Ministry of Interior of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (Ministerium für Inneres und Kommunales NRW) Germany Open Source Software
PDOK (Public Services On the Map) The Dutch Cadastre, Land Registry and Mapping Agency (Kadaster) The Netherlands Shared Service

Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic

Czech Republic Open Source Software

Regional category

Name of the solution Institution name Country Type of the solution

Citizen’s Guide of the Region of Epirus

Region of Epirus Greece Open Source Software
Territoires Numériques Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Groupement d’Intérêt Public e-bourgogne-franche-comté (GIP e-bfc) France Shared Service
Gebruikersbeheer en Toegangsbeheer van de Vlaamse overheid (Identity and Access Management Platform of the Flemish Government)*

Flemish Government, Agentschap Facilitair Management

Belgium Shared Service
MAGDA Platform*

Informatie Vlaanderen

Belgium Shared Service
REGWEB –Input and output register Balearic Islands Government Spain Open Source Software

The Evaluation Committee decided that the two solutions submitted by two agencies of the Flemish Government, having received the same amount of points and being closely connected, would share the same prize or certificate of excellence. 

Local category

Name of the solution Institution name Country Type of the solution

Antwerp City Platform as a Service (ACPaaS)

Digipolis  Belgium Shared Service


Intercommunale de Mutualisation Informatique et Organisationnelle (IMIO) Belgium Open Source Software

Open Spending Austria

KDZ - Centre for Public Administration Research  Austria Shared Service

SEDIPUALB@ (Administrative Management Services)

Diputación Provincial de Albacete Spain Shared Service

The Sharing and Reuse Awards Contest was launched under the ISA² Programme of the European Commission in July 2016. The aim of the competition is to raise awareness of the benefits of sharing and reuse of IT solutions in the public sector. 

Sharing and Reuse Awards contest status

  • The contest is now closed, and the European Commission informed the submitters of 17 shortlisted solutions  via a personal e-mail, and invite them to the Sharing & Reuse Conference 2017, which will take place on  29 March 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal. 
  • The official public announcement of the winners and the Awards Ceremony will take place at the conference.
The Sharing and Reuse Awards contest was open for submissions between 8 July and 28 October 2016, and public administrations were invited to submit their solution via a registration form. All 118 submitted solutions were screened against the eligibility criteria between November 2016 and January 2017. The solutions that fulfilled the eligibility criteria are currently being evaluated by the Evaluation Committee.

How does the awards contest work?

First and second prizes of €15,000 and €10,000 respectively will be granted to the winning teams in each of the following four categories:

  • Successful case of collaboration to develop and provide common IT solutions across borders;
  • Successful case of collaboration to develop and provide common IT solutions at the national level;
  • Successful case of collaboration to develop and provide common IT solutions at the regional level;
  • Successful case of collaboration to develop and provide common IT solutions at the local level.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible to enter the contest, a solution needed to meet the following criteria:

  • Developed by or for public administration(s) from a EU Member State or an EFTA country;
  • Have been reused by other public administrations;
  • Is either an open source software or a shared service;
  • Its description is published on Joinup. (If your solution is not yet on Joinup, the Joinup team will contact you to help publish it after you have submitted your application for the contest).
  • The description of the solution is provided in English.

Please note that solutions developed by the European Commission, European Parliament or the European Council are excluded from the competition (see FAQ).

Evaluation Criteria

Solutions that take part in the contest are assessed based on the following evaluation criteria:

  1. Solution design: What technologies is it based on? What is the architecture of the solution? Is it scalable, extendable? Does it reuse other services / software solutions or standards / open specifications? What license model is used?
  2. Solution governance: Which organisations, institutions and countries are involved in the solution’s governance process? How is the solution's development and provision financed?
  3. Impact/results: How does your solution help public administrations? What benefits does your solution bring to its stakeholders, users? What is the cost / benefit?
  4. Extent of reuse: How many administrations have been using this solution and what is the extent of their use? Are there concrete plans for future reuse? How easily could your solution be implemented in a context different from the one in which it was initially developed?
  5. Sustainability: How is the sustainability of your solution guaranteed? Can continuous support be provided? Will the solution be further maintained.

Why is it important to share and reuse IT solutions in the public sector?

Reusing high-quality, modern and tested solutions allows public administrations to provide to citizens and businesses in Europe better, more cost-efficient services, faster. At the same time collaborating on common solutions facilitates knowledge-sharing and the exchange of good practice among public administrations.

By developing common standards, common ways of exchanging information and by reusing each other's IT solutions, public administrations also contribute to better interoperability – that is, they increase their ability to exchange information with each other and understand the exchanged data.

Finally, the sharing and reuse of solutions can increase competition – it enables more enterprises to provide IT services to public administrations.

Funding Programme

The contest is organized with the support of the Interoperability Solutions for Public Administrations Businesses and Citizens (ISA²) Programme of the European Union, which promotes the modernization of Public administrations through more than 20 solutions that foster interoperability, sharing and reuse.

Information about the contest

Information about this contest is available in 26 languages.

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