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Case: propose a case

Who can propose a case?

Any registered user of the platform can propose a case. The publication of a case is subject to the approval of the platform moderator.

How to propose a case?

To propose a case:

  1. Click on the "Propose your …" button  in the right-hand side menu and then select “case”;
  2. At this point you have to fill in the form to create the case;
  3. Once the form created, choose to submit for approval or save it as draft.

How the Case is displayed when created?

Once created, the case is displayed under the e-library menu item.

Who reviews the cases that I propose?

  • A case cannot be published without approval from a moderator. The moderator controls that the content submitted is of interests of all users;
  • Once you have submitted your case, a moderator will be notified and will check whether the content can be published;
  • The moderator will contact you in case of non-approval;
  • The moderator will publish the news item in case of approval.

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