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Community: propose a community

Who can propose a community?

Any registered user can propose a community to be registered on Joinup.

How to propose your community?

  1. Click on "Propose your community" under "Propose your... ", at the right-hand side of the page or click on “Propose your community” at the top of the “Communities” main page;
  2. A this point you have to fill in the form to create the community;
  3. In the form, you have to configure member settings; keep in mind that communities are open; project communities (semantic and software communities) can be moderated and their membership request must be approved;
  4. Choose to submit for approval or save it as draft.

How is the community displayed when created?

Once created, the community is displayed in the full list of communities, under the “Communities” menu item.

Who reviews the proposed community?

A community cannot be published without approval from a moderator. He controls that the community meets the necessary requirements. The following steps are taken:

  1. Once you have proposed your community, the moderator will be notified and will check whether the community can be published;
  2. The moderator will contact you in case of non approval;
  3. The moderator will publish the community in case of approval.

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