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What is a highlight?

Any member of a community can bring a page on Joinup to the attention of the community by highlighting this page within the community.

Who can highlight (or remove highlight) a page?

  • Community members can highlight content in their community;
  • Once the page is highlighted, it is displayed in their community of choice;
  • The user who highlighted the content can remove the highlight from the content page;
  • You cannot remove a highlight that you did not add by yourself unless you are a community facilitator or project owner.

How to highlight (or remove highlight) content?

To highlight a page:

  1. Click on “Actions” and “highlight this ..." link in the right-hand menu;
  2. A list of communities of which you are member is displayed;
  3. Choose the communities [by checkboxes in front of them] where you want to highlight the page and click on the "highlight content" button; 
  4. If the content has already been highlighted, either by you or by somebody else, the checkbox in front of the community's name is already checked;
  5. If you want to remove the highlight, uncheck the check box in front of the community's name and click on the "highlight content" button.

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