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Managing members

Only project owners or facilitators have access to this page. If you're a project owner or facilitator, click on the "Manage members" link in the software view.

How do I manage members?

On the "Manage members" page, a list of all project members can be found. Change the boxes next to the members you want to edit. Then click on "apply these changes." The users will receive a mail to let them know of the changes.

What can I do?

  • Check/Uncheck the “facilitator” box and give/remove the facilitator rights to a member
  • Check/Uncheck the “developer” box and give/remove the developer rights to a member
  • Check/Uncheck the “release manager” box and give/remove the release manager rights to a member
  • Uncheck the “member” box and remove the member from the project

I can't check or uncheck a box!

Sometimes, you won't be able to check / uncheck boxes. This is because these members haven't been approved yet. You'll see "approve" and "deny" links under their name then.

In another case, it's because the member you want to alter, is the project owner. As he's the owner, you can't demote them from facilitator, and can't remove them from the project. A moderator's intervention is required if these changes are necessary.

What is the difference between "member", "developer" and "facilitator"?

  • A member is a regular member of the project. He can create any contents, but it has to be approved.
  • The developer role allows: to assign an issue to himself, to contribute with source code to the subversion repository and to upload snapshot artifacts within the maven repository (nexus).
  • Facilitators are also members of a project, with all rights of a regular member. They can also approve submitted contents and manage users

What is the role of a "release manager"?

A release manager can manage (create and edit) project releases. He can also upload artifacts within the maven repository (nexus).

Please click here (?) to know more about how to use the maven repository.

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