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Project metrics

2 types of metrics on Joinup

On Joinup, there are 2 different types of metrics:

  • Project metrics: They include metrics specific to the use of project (of an interoperability solution)
  • Platform-wide metrics: They include general metrics related to the use of Joinup

Please click here (?) to know more about the project metrics.

What is displayed on this page?

You want to have insights on how your project is active?

The project overview page contains the following info:

  • Number of reads
  • Number of solutions
  • Number of people who have indicated that they use the solution
  • Number of issues
  • Number of downloads

If you click on the link “More metrics”, you get redirected to the project metrics page.

The project metrics page contains metrics which show the following:

  • Evolution. This graph shows the evolution of the following:
    • Number of Items (News, Blogs, Events)
    • Number of e-Library Items (Documents, Cases, Factsheets, Videos)
    • Number Forums
    • Number of Users
  • Repartition. This graph shows the repartition between the following:
    • Number of Items
    • Number of e-Library Items (Documents, Cases, Factsheets, Videos)
    • Number of Forums
  • Geographical distribution. This graph shows the geographical distribution of the following:
    • Number of Blogs per country
    • Number of Cases per country
    • Number of Documents per country
    • Number of Events per country
    • Number of News per country
    • Number of Users per country
  • Surveys. This graph shows the results of the survey that have been conducted.
  • Solutions. This graph shows the following :
    • Number of downloads per solutionNumber of issues per solution

How to can the information be sorted?

By default, the project metric page displays the content as follows:

  • the evolution and repartition graphs show Items (News, Blogs, Events),
  • the geographical distribution graph shows Blogs,
  • the solution graph shows the number of downloads/solution.

For each graph, you can choose which information you want to display. To modify the information you want to display:

  1. Click drop down list just above the graph; and
  2. Choose the information you want to display;
  3. The graph will be updated automatically.

How to see more detailed metrics on the graphs?

By clicking on the graphs, you can see more detailed metrics.

  1. Put your cursor on the place of the graph where you want to see more detailed information.
  2. Detailed information corresponding to your request will automatically be displayed on the graph.
  3. Just take the cursor off of the place to hide the detailed information.

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