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Who can create an account?

Every user with a unique e-mail address can create an account.

Why do I need to create an account?

With your account you can login and:

  • Join communities, asset projects and software projects;
  • Create blog articles, news items, wiki pages, forum posts and other documents related to these groups;
  • Propose platform-wide documents, news items, events;
  • Propose your own communities, semantic asset projects, and open-source software projects.

What are the mandatory and optional fields?

Several fields marked with a red * are mandatory:

  • your first and last name;
  • your country;
  • the name of your company ;and
  • type and scope.

All other fields are optional.

How to create an account?

  1. Click on the “Register” button, displayed in the top-right;
  2. In the “Create new account” tab, fill in the form  with all mandatory fields;
  3. Click on “Create new account”
  4. The system will send you an e-mail with a one-time login link and a randomly generated password;
  5. Use the one-time login link or randomly generated password to login the first time to the platform;
  6. After login in, change your password into something that you can more easily remember;
  7. In the “Account” tab, click “edit”, fill in a new password and confirm it.

How is my personal information displayed?

You personal information is displayed under the "People" tab, both to registered and non-registered users.


Where can I edit my user account and user profile?

You can do this by logging in to the platform, and navigating to the "My Page" area. In your "My Page", you can edit:

  • Your user account settings in the tab "Account";
  • Your user profile settings in the tab "Profile".

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