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What is a release?

On Joinup a release represents an open-source software or interoperability solutions that is made available by developers to the user community who can then test, use, or explore it. A release is usually associated to a particular release number or version number. It consists of a collection of files such as source code, binary files, documentation, and support material related to an open-source software (OSS) or interoperability solution.

Who can download a release?

Both unregistered and registered users can view and download a release.

How to download a release?

To view a release:

  1. Navigate to the project of which you want to see the release;
  2. Click on the “Release” menu item on the left of the page;
  3. A list of releases will be displayed;
  4. Click on the name of the release you want to download;
  5. Click on the name of the release files you want to download;
  6. A file download will be initiated.

What is displayed on this page?

For each release, the release notes and contained files are displayed.

What is the MD5 hash?

The MD5 hash is a checksum, or fingerprint, of a release file that has been calculated by the platform. You can use the MD5 hash to verify the integrity of a file that you download from Joinup. There is a very small possibility of getting two identical hashes of two different files. Many open-source tools allow to calculate and compare the MD5 hash of a file.

What is the 'private_www' folder in the webdav directory?


The 'private_www' folder is aimed to be a storage part of your webdav directory. We wanted to point out that it will not be available to public on the contrary to 'www' folder. You are free to create your desired folder structure inside our outside of the 'private_www' folder.


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