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My program licensed under the EUPL uses components licensed under the GPL!

 Simply “using” components covered by any GPL version has no impact on licensing your own code. Even when a larger work appears to the end user to be a unique program, its components, when their source code are combined without being modified and merged together, stay licensed under their different primary licences. All copyright attributions must be respected and covering licenses provided. In their purpose to limit software appropriation, free software advocates (FSF in particular) claim for extending GPL coverage in some cases of linking. There is no case law confirming this in Europe (and software licensed under the EUPL is protected against appropriation anyway). Joinup maintains a list of EUPL compatible licences. In case of doubt, please contact the Joinup legal expert that could ask (to the component licensor) a formal FOSS licence exception for distributing under the EUPL.

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