City of Ventspils common procedure for ICT procurement

City of Ventspils common procedure for ICT procurement




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During the last seven years Ventspils, the sixth largest country in Latvia, has experienced a rapid ICT sector growth. Capitalizing on the achievements to date and aiming to develop Ventspils into a European level hub for smart technologies

All municipal institutions in Ventspils City Municipality have adopted common procurement procedure for all ICT related products and services. To adapt and enforce use of standards, Ventspils City Council has founded a special municipal institution – Ventspils Digital Centre, which is responsible for all ICT related development.

To avoid technology or supplier lock-ins where possible, source code and intellectual property rights for all custom made software are being held by Ventspils Digital Centre. Open source solutions are used for virtualization of servers, provisioning of user account management, centralized file storage, e-mail, calendaring, firewall and other key ICT services even for critical ones.

Next challenges will be to address vendor dependency for financial accounting and other specialized software where there are no open-source of vendor independent solutions.

At the end of 2014 the Ventspils City Council, the sixth largest country in Latvia, endorsed the Ventspils information and communication technology (ICT) sector development strategy and action plan for 2014 – 2020.

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