EDO-23 OCDAuthenticationModule.verify() throws java.util.ConcurrentModificationException in multithreaded environment


Note that we construct new OCDAuthenticationModule for each validation:

is = new FileInputStream(file);
OCDAuthenticationModule module = new OCDAuthenticationModule();
Document statusDoc = module.verify(is);

Full source of our method: eu.spocseu.semantic.validator.ocd.OcdExtractor.getVerificationResult.txt
Full exception stack trace: OCDAuthenticationModule.verify-multithreading-error.txt


Daniele Mongiello added a comment - 27/Sep/12 4:31 PM - edited

Fix to allow MT developed and tested.

If it's ok also for you, I'd wait before releasing a TSL v1.2.0 lib the other fix(es) to be made on the dependant jdesign-eu.jar component (EDO-22 and EDO-24).

  Daniele Mongiello added a comment - 02/Oct/12 10:53 AM

Released a fix in TSL-1.1.3.jar, available on https://dev.spocs.bos-asp.eu/nexus/index.html





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