Framework agreements for software and cloud services

Framework agreements for software and cloud services




Swedish National Procurement Services

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In 2010, the Swedish government centralized a certain public procurement activities up to establish a unique body: the National Procurement Services. In short, the task of the National Procurement Services is offer central government authorities coordinated framework agreements for goods and services of general use, in the area of information and communication technology (ICT).

The National Procurement Services administers more than 1000 unique framework agreements in mainly the following areas:

  • ICT products and services
  • Office furniture and office equipment
  • Services, hotels and conferences
  • Safety and security
  • Transport and vechicle
  • Other services

In addition, the National Procurement Services has developed a process in order to safeguard quality in the procurement activities. In fact, as important part of the process comprises the contract management. This means that the framework agreements are followed up continuously during the duration of the contracts. The contract managers help the procuring entities to call off from the framework agreements and follow up the terms of delivery in close contact with the users as well as the suppliers.

Swedish National Procurement Services





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