GeoDCAT-AP: GeoDCAT-AP XSLT does not return information on the data catalogue



Issue reported by Hans Overbeek:


The current version of the GeoDCAT-AP XSLT is just transforming an ISO 19139 metadata record into a DCAT-AP-compliant representation.

When the XSLT is run on a CSW output, catalogue metadata can be generated implicitly from the GetRecords URL. But metadata records provided as standalone files might be missing this information.

A number of solutions can be devised to address this issue - e.g., a "configuration" parameter can be added to the GeoDCAT-AP XSLT for the CSW/catalogue. In case of CSWs, the catalogue URL can be used to retrieve information on the catalogue. 

Possible options to implement this solution on a CSW output include the following ones:

  1. When transforming the GetRecords or GetRecordById ouput, the transformation will include the description of the catalogue (obtained by transforming the output of a GetCapabilities request). Each record can then be linked to it.
  2. Providing separately the description of the catalogue (always from the GetCapabilities output) and the one of the metadata records (from GetRecords or GetRecordById). Each record will be in any case linked to the catalogue.




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