Information about the usage of a software asset



The following issue was raised during ADMS.F/OSS: Virtual Meeting 2012.01.31:

PA says that, in addition to metrics, usage information – which persons or organisations use a software asset - is probably also relevant to determine whether a software asset is worthwhile or not.

o   SG confirms that usage of a software asset is an important indicator in order to assess quality. Usage credentials are currently already included in Use Case 1.

o   EMS says that it is more important to know how much the asset is re(used) rather than to know the number of downloads.

SS agrees with this but remarks that this is a difficult thing to measure.




Conceptual Model


Tue, 21/02/2012 - 12:55

The conceptual model in version 0.1 of the spec has a usedBy relationship pointing to an organisation. This is separate from the assessment and metrics relations/classes. The Metrics class records the number of users.

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