Open & Agile Smart Cities – harmonisation through open innovation

Open & Agile Smart Cities – harmonisation through open innovation




Open & Agile Smart Cities

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Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC) is an initiative that aims to kickstart the use of a shared set of ways to develop systems once for multiple cities and make them interoperable between cities, and within a city.

The vision of OASC is to create an open smart city market based on the needs of cities and communities. Cities need interoperability and standards to boost competitiveness by avoiding vendor lock-in, comparability to benchmark performance, and easy sharing of best practices.

The Open & Agile Smart Cities initiative aims to this achievement by advocating cities to adopt four simple mechanisms as de facto standards.

The first mechanism is a driven-by-implementation attitude. The other three mechanisms are technical - an API, a set of data models, and an open data platform.

OASC promotes interoperability of systems based on the free flow of data, between cities and within cities, by adopting a shared set of simple, wide-spread, open and freely available mechanisms.

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