SYN-47 Explicit Subscription for Notifications



In release 2.0, the Syndication Interface module sends notifications about new fragments or snapshots to all Syndication modules in the local copy of the SPOCS TL. As documented in D1.4 Software Architecture Description, version 2.0, Section 3.2.2, Ad 1, it would be beneficial to include an explicit “subscribe”-”acceptance of subscription” process. Thus, an Aggregation module would explicitly subscribe to notifications from a particular other member state. This enables sets of partners to syndicate information to each other, but not necessarily to all Syndication modules on the SPOCS TL.   Alternatively, the Syndication Interface module could be extended with configuration parameters that indicate to which Syndication modules in the local copy of the SPOCS TL notifications should  be  sent.  This option  places  the control with  the sender  instead  of  the receiver  of notifications.




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