ADMS: Working Group Virtual Meeting 2011.11.09


Tuesday 09 November 2011, 15:00-17:00 CET (UTC+1) (world clock)

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Chair: João Rodrigues Frade
European Commission: Vassilios Peristeras
Scribe: Stijn Goedertier
Editor: Makx Dekkers

Agenda Item Owner Subject
0 All from 14:45 conference open for participants to connect and get Web and audio connections set up
1 Joao Roll call, introduction by participants, agreement of agenda, adoption of meeting minutes previous meeting
2 joao Organisational issues: 
  • ISACV-29: Present the formalized statements about IPR, for both the final work and the contributions 
  • ISACV-40: To investigate options to improve the sound quality
3 Makx Scope of ADMS: 
  • ISACV-2: ADMS to support searching inside an asset


Related work: 

  • ISACV-11: Take a look at general metadata of VOID 
  • ISACV-22: Would SemMF be useful? 
  • ISACV-31: To share information on UDEF




Use cases: 

  • ISACV-28: Suggestion to the first use case 
  • ISACV-34: To comment on uses cases and provide ideas for potential use cases 
  • ISACV-41: To incorporate MZ's comment on the details of searching
6 Makx

Overall model and Classes: 

  • ISACV-3: adms:Asset as subclass of a DataSeries class 
  • ISACV-49: Use DCATnamespace where ADMS concepts coincide with DCAT terms 
  • ISACV-51: Use dcat:Catalog for adms:Repository 
  • ISACV-52: Use dcat:Distribution for adms:Release
7 Makx


  • ISACV-53: Use dcat:keyword for adms:keyword 
  • ISACV-54: Make URI property lowercase: adms:uri
8 Makx Relationships: 
  • ISACV-4: Available format could be instance of dcterms:FileFormat class 
  • ISACV-5: Purpose of adms:URI 
  • ISACV-48: Decide on ADMS properties related to asset type 
  • ISACV-50: Decide on relationship between asset and its documentation 
  • ISACV-55: Range of dcterms:publisher should be dcterms:Agent
9 Makx Asset type vocabulary: 
  • ISACV-19: Include UML Diagrams in the types 
  • ISACV-21: Metadata and Reference Data as first level of taxonomy 
  • ISACV-23: Structure asset types around policy products 
  • ISACV-24: Ontology libraries, classifications and Creative Commons licenses as asset types 
  • ISACV-25: Purpose of taxonomy: a) regulate asset types; b) facilitate search & discovery of assets; c) produce statistics; d) enable automated processing 
  • ISACV-26: Can we do with comprehensive list "set in stone", or should it be an open (extensible) list? 
  • ISACV-27: Make sure that there is a one-to-one mapping between the ADMS asset types and types in existing repositories 
  • ISACV-47: Decide on proposed matrix of asset types
10 Makx Asset status vocabulary: 
  • ISACV-6: Restrict asset status to Published and Unpublished
11 Makx Taxonomies: 
  • ISACV-12: Taxonomy that might be useful: GEMET 
  • ISACV-13: List of value vocabularies which may be useful 
  • ISACV-14: Add ECLAS thesaurus (European Commission Central Library) to list of value vocabularies 
  • ISACV-16: Domain vocabularies 
  • ISACV-18: Subject vocabularies 
  • ISACV-20: FAO Geopolitical ontology
12 Makx Tools: 
13 Phil RDF and XML vocabularies
14 Makx Development of ADMS Core
15 Stijn Mapping to existing repositories
16 Joao Wrap-up, actions

Meeting Minutes

ADMS WG Virtual Meeting 2011.11.09 - Minutes - v0.04.pdf

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