Arpa Piemonte set BigBlueButton as own default Web Conference System.





Arpa Piemonte is a public administration located in Piemonte, Italy.

It operates in the field of environment protection.

Currently 1100 people are working for Arpa in different sectors, located in 1 headquarter and 9 branch offices.

Arpa Piemonte through its internal IT structure has always maintained a high focus on the adoption and use of open-source solutions.

In addition to migrating to Linux a significant number of mission critical servers, other services are implemented on open systems, such as Plone for the CMS of the main web site, Zimbra for collaborative systems, osTicket for ticket management, OpenNMS and Zabbix for monitoring the network.

The purpose of this activity was to replace the enterprise system used for web conference with a open-source tool, easily manageable, simple for anyone that need to connect with colleagues and that would allow a considerable saving on the costs of the service.

The program started on march 2013, and at the middle of July the first version of the platform was showed at the management and then used on production environment.

WebConference Opensource project will be developed in several steps. The first is to ensure access to the system for all employees of the Arpa Piemonte, and then extend it outside the enterprise perimeter for activities that require it.

We have been carefully evaluated all the features of opensource video conferencing systems, and after a period of comparative analysis conducted in the laboratory and with groups of selected users, the choice fell on BigBlueButton, currently installed on systems in the 0.81 beta 2 version.

The organization provides access to the resources of videoconferences using two different approachs:

a) the use of pre-defined rooms, where users can participate in the events that are organized or are in progress in the virtual room;

b) the creation of its own videoconferencing through the definition of a room and then sending email invitations to other participants. This mode was defined as "start your own conference in 3 easy steps"

Currently the services of Video Conferencing BigBlueButton are hosted on a virtual server with 2 CPUs -quadcore and 12 GB of RAM. The occupations of computing resources and bandwidth are monitored for possible corrections on the configuration.

End users are welcomed to the service by a short presentation on the intranet, from a tutorial video and may require assistance by sending an email to a specific distribution list.

Implementation of the BigBlueButton service has permit to cut the cost of videoconferencing by 80% and is expected to have a significant impact on the transfers of personnel for participation in corporate events and in the work organization.



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