Bed availability verification for people with serious burn injuries (CCP)

The tasks of the "Central Contact Point for the Procurement of Beds for People with heavy Burns" ? "Zentrale Anlaufstelle für die Vermittlung von Betten für Schwerbrandverletzte" (CCP- Beds for serious Burn Injuries ? ZA-Schwerbrandverletzte) in the Federal Republic of Germany are completed manually by the Control Room/Emergency Dispatch Centre of the fire department in Hamburg since September 1999. The task of the CCP-Beds for serious Burn Injuries is to identify, following a telephone request, the appropriate facility with free capacities which is closest to the scene of the accident and to specify the contact persons there. It is the sole responsibility of the Doctors/Hospitals involved to arrange the details of the transport and of the admission. The hospitals involved in the procurement process immediately report any changes in the occupancy situation to the CCP-Beds for serious Burn Injuries. It is important to note that all hospitals have voluntarily joined this central process. It is planned to develop a web-based application on the basis of the Microsoft .net-Framework for the fire department dispatch centre together with the placement of the application in the HamburgGateway, to secure up to date information concerning the verification of the availability of beds for serious burn injuries and to make this information available for a certain circle of users. In addition it should be possible for the hospitals and for other institutions involved in the process to submit into the system, on a voluntary basis, all the necessary entries to reflect the changes in the occupancy situation. At the same time the platform will be openly construed in such a way so that it can be used by other task bearers and hospitals in the future to, for example, establish a connection of other types of specialist beds with this central, secure and highly available application. Potential further users of this system, also Europe wide, would be the approx. 500 control centres and hospitals as well as a further magnitude of users, who would acquire access to the information system on the Internet.

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