Cadastral data available online

The Project "Cadastral data online" is an initiative of the Real Estate Cadastre Agency (previously State authority for geodetic works) of FYR of Macedonia, intended to increase transparency by providing access for citizens and investors to limited data from property certificates. The web service is providing useful information for real estate properties throughout the entire territory of FYROM where real estate cadastre is established. This project will increase the safety and speed of real estate properties transactions and is free of charge.

Policy Context

Real Estate Cadastre Agency (previously State Authority for Geodetic Works) is an individual state body in charge of conducting the geodetic works and registering the real estate rights. It was founded on July 28th, 1947 by the Government of the FYR of Macedonia. It does its work through regional departments located in 30 larger cities throughout the FYR of Macedonia and the head office located in the capital, Skopje. SAGW has a total of 830 employees on the territory of the entire country. Under the jurisdiction of the State Authority for Geodetic Works are the following activities: survey, cadastre, maintenance of the survey and cadastre and registration of real estate rights.

Description of target users and groups

Citizens, Notaries, Banks, Real estate agencies, Private surveying companies, etc.

Technology solution

Website provides with all public information from Property certificate. Information for the owner, address, number of property certificate, parcel number, area and real estate rights are available through this web service. Technology choice: Standards-based technology

Main results, benefits and impacts

Access to information of property certificates is faster and easier than ever. All investors can check information regarding real estate in a few minutes. All they need is access to internet. Therefore, the number of people that visit the conventional offices will decrease. This web service supports the fast growing real estate market in FYR of Macedonia.

Return on investment

Return on investment: Not applicable / Not available

Lessons learnt

Lesson 1 - Fast and easy access to property certificates information is essential for the development of the real estate market. Lesson 2 – Professional users speed up their work by having information about real estate in their office. They do not have to visit the Cadastre office to find information. Scope: National
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