Core Public Service WG Virtual Meeting 2013.01.23


Wednesday 23 January 2013, 16:00-17:30 CET (UTC+1) (world clock)

GETTING STARTED (New Web-conferencing system)   Web connection Audio connection:
  1. Dial your Local or International Access Number: +32 (0) 808 13 63 Belgium
  2. Dial the Conference Room Number: 1321479
  3. Follow any voice prompts.


  • European Commission: Vassilios Peristeras
  • Meeting Chair: Thodoris Papadopoulos
  • Core Public Service Task Force co-chairs:
  • Scribe: Saky Kourtidis
  • Editor: Phil Archer

Core Public Service

Agenda Item Owner Subject
1 Thodoris Welcome any new members
2 Thodoris Minutes of the previous meeting's minutes
3 Phil

Updated conceptual model

Including open issues:

Need for Jurisdiction?

Input and Output examples

Complex Services

4 Thodoris/Phil Roadmap - from here to public review period and future pilot studies/implementations

Meeting Minutes


Date File Status Comments
2013-01-23 4th Online Meeting Minutes For review Meeting minutes to be reviewed by the WG


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