The economic and social impact of software & services on competitiveness and innovation

The study provides market figures (volume and growth) for the European software and software-based services (SSBS) market (EU28 as a whole, as well as the key countries France, Germany, UK and Italy) and present the major players (top 10 in the EU28 and worldwide). In addition, it provides market figures for selected topics that are regarded as key drivers for the software market, such as big data, digital transformation, security and mobility. Besides presenting the figures, the project team explains the reasons for the market developments that can be observed. In the study the project team compares the market data for the EU28 region with the markets in the US (mature market) and India (emerging market) in order to analyse differences in market shares and trends. Additional data and information is provided about the number of IT companies in the region, R&D investments and innovation indicators.

ISBN Number: 978-92-79-66177-8

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