- Open Spending Portal in Austria

The Austrian open spending portal holds spending and budget data of all Austrian municipalities. The mayors were provided with access data to the portal in order to view the visualisations of their spending data (2001-2013). With two simple clicks, not only the data can be published, but also the interactive visualisations. Currently (March 2015) more then 740 municipalities have made use of this free service.

The following features are available on the portal:

  • Visualisation of the spending and budget data according to political categories (spending areas, such as "education", "health"...) as an interactive treemap as well as the spending history (2001-2013). Budget data for current/upcoming years can be added by the municipalities

  • Economic overview of the spending data according to cross-sectional aspects (spending types, such as "personnell costs", "tax revenues"...) including the result according to Maastricht critera.

  • Both visualisations are interactive and can be drilled down to three levels (e. g. "Educatioin" -> "Pre-School Education" -> "Kindergarten".)

  • Visualisation "Where does the tax money go?" that shows where tax monex has to be used from statistically 1.000 Euros of tax revenues of a city.

  • Visualsation of the "KDZ Quick Test" - a systemantic approach of the financial soundness of the municipality according to 5 sub-indicators

  • Download of the data sets accoring to Open Government Data standards (CSV files)

Furthermore, the municipalities have the possibility to

  • View all the visualisations and make them publicly available with a few simple clicks
  • Upload data from their own financial systems (e. g. planned budgets), explanatoriy PDF documents, links to their own Websites with further resources
  • Add comments to the visualisations, to further explain circumstances
  • Include the visualisations in their own websites with special iFrame versions
  • Special tool for comparing their own spending with 2-3 other municipalities

Policy Context

According to the Austrian "Stability pact", regions and municipalities have to publish their spending data on the internet in a format that allows re-use (images or PDFs are not sufficient).

Description of target users and groups

Target users are experts in public administrations, politicians, political parties, journalists as well as the general public (citizens)

Description of the way to implement the initiative

A portal has been established, all Austrian mayors have recieved user accounts and can make use of the portal.

Technology solution

A portal has been established using open source components (Drupal, mySQL, d3.js).

Technology choice: Open source software

Main results, benefits and impacts

More than 740 municipalities in Austria (~ 35 %) have disclosed their spending data and visualisations on the portal. As a minimum of 13 years of spending data (2001-2013) is automatically avialable on the portal ~ 10.000 datasets are available already.

Many municipalities, especially the bigger cites have also used this as a starting point for furhter discussion with the public about the municipal spending.

Return on investment

Return on investment: Not applicable / Not available

Lessons learnt

Scope: Local (city or municipality)


Type of document
Open source case study


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