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ADMS.F/OSS: Conceptual Model

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Revised Model 7/2/12

The model below attempts to capture the discussion held on 31/1 and 7/2 plus the issues raised. Keyfeatures:

  • Separation of asset and project. This means either
    1. not using DOAP at all;
    2. using DOAP terms regardless of its domain and range restrictions.
    3. As a sub class of Semantic Asset, a Software Asset has all the same properties including documentation and release. A subset of the ADMS classes and properties are shown in the diagram and shown in light brown. The classes coloured light blue are the ones specific to ADMS.F/OSS.
    4. I've suggested that the quality control information is provided as a literal but this would be something like a report, probably as a result of a formal process such as QSOS, which is an XML document - that's consistent with this model.

    I'm sure there's more to add to this but comments are very welcome!


    Original Model 31/1/12

    This section describes a conceptual model to represent software description metadata, without being too much biased by implementation langauges. In the context of federation of repositories of software assets (for e-Government and in general), a number of concepts are relevant. The primary concepts to be described by ADMS.F/OSS could be the following:

    • A Repository is a system or service that provides facilities for storage and maintenance of descriptions of Assets and Releases, and functionality that allows users to search and access these descriptions. A Repository will typically contain descriptions of several assets and related releases (source: ADMS Specification v0.8).
    • A Project represents a temporary undertaking by a group of people who produce a set of assets to achieve a desired objective and goal.
    • An Asset represents the conceptual content of a resource, in particular of an Interoperability Asset as defined in section 1.2 (for example a specification, code list, metadata schema, a register of organisations etc.). A particular Asset may have zero or more Releases in different formats (source: ADMS Specification v0.8).
    • A  Release is a particular representation or concretisation of an Asset in the form of a downloadable computer file that implements the intellectual content of an Asset. A particular Release is associated with one Asset (source: ADMS Specification v0.8).
    • A Software Asset:



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    07 February 2012
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    Technical report
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    ISA Open Metadata Licence v1.0
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